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Molly McCahon – Lakes Commission Coordinator

Our office is located at 1224 Washington Avenue, Suite 101, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone: (208) 263-5310 ext.107

Please stop in, call, or e-mail anytime.

5 Responses to Contact us

  1. Allan Potter says:

    Hi: I am currently looking for a lake that has a lake trout population problem in order to do some long term research to establish the effect of adding Cisco in large numbers to create a bottleneck in lake trout recruitment as was found by Leon Carl in lakes having Cisco and lake Whitefish in Ontario. In these lakes, the lake trout recruitment of lake trout was very low and thus their numbers were limited and there average size getting bigger because their average age was increasing. The reason for this condition is that lake trout eat lots of Cisco and Cisco tend to consume large amounts of lake trout spawning site juveniles. Check out conditions in Bear Lake (Utah) where lots of Cisco and Whitefish existed before lake trout were stocked in the 1930’s. AGP

  2. Fred says:

    Thank you for the link to But it did not connect to the site. May have a coding error, If we can help in any way just yell.
    Breakwater Committee

  3. Jean Gerth says:

    Erin – will you be on the office tomorrow? I’d like to stop in and get audio of last meeting (I’ll bring a thumb drive). I’d also like to get minutes or audio of last meeting. Thanks

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