Resource Links

 Water Quality

Water Quantity and Hydropower

  • Albeni Falls Dam – Army Corps of Engineers page on Albeni Falls Dam.  This page has history of the dam, recent changes in operation, and current water levels for Lake Pend Oreille.
  • Clark Fork Project – Avista utilities manages upstream dams, Cabinet Gorge and Noxon Rapids.  This page explains the agreement that Avista has to mitigate for impacts of the dams.
  • Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) – BPA markets the power generated at Albeni Falls Dam, as well as 30 other federally managed hydro-facilities on the Columbia River System.  BPA often requests changes in dam operations that impact the levels of Lake Pend Oreille.
  • Avista Utilities – Avista privately owns Cabinet Gorge and Noxon dams upstream of Lake Pend Oreille on the Clark Fork River.  These dams have some impact on the water flows and ecology of Pend Oreille.

Invasive Species

  • Idaho Department of Agriculture – State invasive species treatment and prevention efforts.  This site has information on boat inspection stations and invasive species stickers needed to boat in Idaho.
  • 100th Meridian – Stopping the spread of invasive mussels throughout the West.



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